Fly with your Dreams… Fly High!!!

Careers, choices… after school, after college… all we are concerned about is What, Where and HoW??? So I thought of introducing you to different fields.. with people who have been there and done that!! Moreover its good to know what exactly happens when you are in that particular job.

We are all fascinated by the girls at the airport in dresses many of us want to be seen in.. and those dresses are called uniforms there. 🙂  Yes you guessed it right I am talking about THE AIR HOSTESSES!

So while chit chatting with one of  my friends (she is actually an air hostess) I came up with the idea of knowing more about her life as a cabin crew and letting others know to clear the air about it!!

Well for starters… let me introduce you to my friend Soubhagyah(Subi) who is currently working as a cabin crew in one of the leading airlines. And I could feel the smile on her face when she told me that ‘being a cabin crew is like you are living a dream, you get to visit new places, everyday you meet new people.. it never gets boring even the crew is new most of the time when you are flying.’

For those who still think that their duty is only to serve people, then you are in for a surprise 😀 and I am loving it! Subi told me that lalalallala… hehehe ok well she told me that ‘A cabin crew is someone who is present on board as a daughter when someone is ill, a soldier if something goes wrong and a host to enjoy the journey!! We are the ones who are the perfect example of what patience is.. yes we are the ones who smile at you even if you are abusing us and we still try to calm you down.’

Shes really happy with her job.. she enjoys all the travelling, visiting new places.. getting really nice amount in her account every month but at the cost of  social life which gets hampered to some extent. They do not get fixed offs.. ‘so you get less time to spend with your family’.  Like she told me that the  airline becomes everything for you!!

Airlines take care of you like you take care of its passengers.. they give you accommodation in good hotels, they pay you well.. they let you live your dream!!! After marriage they make it even better for you because then you can take your immediate family members (parents, husband/wife and kids) for a trip free of cost at least once every year. Let me quote her here  ‘So u can take your hubby for honeymoon to some nice destination wo bhi free of cost. Where else you would be paid to look good and roam around and eat on duty’ (Imagine her broad grin!!! Am I getting jealous hehe)

The future in this industry seems to be promising too, as it is a part of the service industry so one can switch to hotels, retail or any service sector.  Sticking with the airline isn’t a bad option too as later on you can be promoted from cabin crew to senior cabin crew, then cabin crew in-charge or in flight managers and then check crew.  After this there’s no flying rather you can join the training department or be appointed as the base managers.

If your soul is stirring and you really want to be a part of this then there’s a piece of news  for you- before giving you a life full of pleasures the airlines make sure to grill you and see if you emerge without a single burn! 😉

We all know the height and weight ratio is a must for this industry but if you are tall (like Subi 5.9″, I wish she could just lend me 2 inches of her height 😦 ) then its an added advantage!  You should have a clear complexion no tattoos, no stitch marks and even no visible blemishes (I know a girl who besides being tall and having exact height and weight proportion was kept on hold because of this). And the minimum qualification is of course 10+2 however, from Subi’s personal experience she advises that ‘one should at least be a graduate.. the growth in this industry depends on the performance plus credentials’.

Being soft-spoken, polite and gentle are the three most important traits of a Cabin Crew.

After the selection as a cabin crew one has to deposit certain amount say between 50k-70k as security (we are training you.. what if you run away after this! huh! ). After this they take you to the training center where ever its located and make you study as if you haven’t studied before, ‘I am a postgraduate  but still I saw the training part as the most toughest thing I ever studied! Those first aid training, safety measures & emergency procedures… trust me it is the toughest thing you will ever study because they make you complete their vat course in just two months ‘. She also told me that after all this they expect you to score 80% however, the good part is that they normally give you a second chance to score at least 80% if you fail to do so in the first attempt.

When she told me so many things how can i leave her without asking the question everybody thinks, the misconception in everyone’s mind.. yes you guessed it right! And this is what she has to say ‘it depends on personal choice and morals.. I mean a person  who wouldn’t mind sleeping around would do so in any other profession as well… being a cabin crew they are more exposed to such opportunity.. international trips… hotel accommodation at company’s expense..people tend to get carried away… but that totally depends on the persons moral has nothing to do with the industry!’

The blessing of so many travelers is something you would never fail to get!! 🙂


♥Swati R♥

PS: Thanks a lot Subi for giving us an insight of this industry!!!


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