Simple tips to take care of your Handbags!

They come in many shapes and sizes.. Slings, Satchels, hobo, Clutch, Totes and many more. HANDBAGS the moment I think of this word so many of them come to my mind… thanks to my constant search 0n google. 🙂

Mad over Donuts Handbags.. I love them all! They complete you.. err your dress at least! So caring for them is a big thing for me and one obviously learns from the mistakes. 😦 I did too!! A BiG mistake which made me loose one of my precious bag (Sob!). No other Handbag can replace the lost one, howsoever expensive the new one might be! 😥

Since then I am doing every bit to take care of these beauties. Love them they will love you back 🙂 this is what I have learned.

  • I firmly believe in keeping the handbags in the cloth/dust bag they came with. It protects them from all the dust they could gather if kept exposed. The company is obviously giving them on purpose! And if you do not have that cloth bag then use any old pillow cover to cover them up.
  • Keep them in dry and dark place.. yups i am pointing towards the Almirah! This ensures that the bad heat and humid climate stay away from them. 🙂 
  • Never let your bag sulk down!! Always stuff it with the bubble wrap. It helps in retaining the shape of the bag.
  • Always keep stuff organised in the handbags. Invest in some small cosmetics bags/pouches to keep lipsticks, glosses, even the hand sanitizer in that. You can’t let them move and spill freely in there.. Imagine how hurt and dirty will the bag be :(. These bags not only look good and keep your stuff organised but they add life to the bags too.
  • Restrict your self from using the nail polish remover on the handbags to remove the pen marks or other stains, for that matter. You never know.. the liquid might leave even a bigger stain on it. (Thanks to shoppers stop customer care.. they told me not to use anything of that sort :))
  • I follow this religiously and would advice anyone reading this to do as well.. I understand that after coming from outside we all feel lazy to empty our handbags but I believe it is very important to do so. At least the ones going to office should follow it for sure. Else if you are carrying your lunch box in it and forgetting it in there, the bag may stink forever.
  • Pay special attention to the leather bags. And do not pack even a slightly wet bag, let it air dry first and then keep it in the cloth bag!
  • When eating out keep your handbag away from the table. Perhaps on the empty chair (Keep out of reach of the food.. hehe!)
  • If your precious arm candy is getting all dirty.. get it dry cleaned instead of washing it at home.
  • In case you have spilled something wet on it other than the water.. clean it with a dry cloth and then put some chalk powder or talc on it. Let it absorb it rather then rubbing the cloth over it.
  • Don’t hang the bags in almirah as it will give unwanted strain on the straps.
Everyone needs some pampering you see!! 😀 Because they are worth it… :p


Swati R ♥


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