Shopping experience at Claire’s :)

Accessories shops specially those which tempt me with their handbags attract me more than anything. 🙂 And that’s how I happened to be in the newly opened Claire’s Store in Pacific Mall Subhash Nagar! 🙂

Well Wikipedia told me, ‘Claire’s is a retailer of accessories and jewelry to girls and young women, with its headquarters in Pembroke Pines, Florida in Greater Miami‘.

The Store almost looked like the one in the picture above (I regret not taking a picture from the outside 😦 ). It was full of all the cute things you could imagine. Like an overtly excited kid I ran from one shelf to another only to discover they had cosmetics for little girls! And they were all so cute! I really looked through them if I could buy something but this Big Girl in me was telling me ‘Inglot is at the ground floor! You are too old for these’ hehe 🙂

It was a little girl’s paradise, they have a whole section of their store dedicated to them.. so unlike other stores!! They have them all… hair accessories, make up, footwear and handbags and many more things hanging on their wall.

But they had something for me as well… specially that orange-colored handbag with a bow. 😦 A sad face because I didn’t buy it (Sob!). So I was just about to leave the store disappointed when on an impulse I thought of taking another round of it. And that is how luck struck me! 😀

It was a drool worthy sight!!! Trust me all the lovely nail colors, and the cosmetics kits lined up there made me spend another half n hour. I don’t know what attracted me the most- the collection or the packing. They all looked so cute. I loved reading novels but opening a book only to find  eye shadows was a totally different and lovely experience.

They had lovely cosmetics bags also just perfect to be in your handbag. Lip glosses with studded caps, eye lash curler, set of small lip glosses, set of little liquid eye liners, make up brushes, make up kits and all…

They had make up kits in so many sizes and the colors were really nice.. wearable. While I was trying to open one of the kits this nicely dressed girl came up to me ‘Can I help you?’ and as always my instant reply was ‘No thanks’ (I really don’t like someone standing at my head while I choose my stuff) and as expected she was still standing there smiling while I was still struggling to open the same makeup kit. I gave up… and that smiling face opened it for me. I liked the way she showed me almost all the kits and told me about Claire’s. Well behaved SA’s of the stores really make your shopping worth while and increases the credibility of the store too. 🙂

Enough of the Blah! Blah! let me show you what I got from there. 😀

A makeup kit Of course.. Tinted lip balm and a beautiful mirror. 😀

First let me show you the make up kit closely 🙂

The eye shadows are not much pigmented. They are good for a light day makeup. But I liked all the colors and the way they are placed. 🙂

The reason I picked this kit was the orange lip gloss. And it disappointed me a lot. 😦 It doesn’t stay and it is transparent when applied. And look at the quantity they are offering! The blushes are far better than the glosses. And I shouldn’t comment on the eye pencil. Its hopeless!

And here’s the cute Butterfly Mirror 🙂

Isn’t it cute? :p

The Tinted Lip Balm 😀

I liked it even though it doesn’t stay for more than two hours but i liked the tint! 😀

Overall it was a nice refreshing  experience. 😀 Though I am not purchasing these things again from there.


♥Swati R♥



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