Castor Oil For Hair

There is a reason behind why I am jealous of Rapunzel! I mean how can the hair grow soo long.. and if they can why not on my head? 😦

All this while I have been dreaming of thicker and longer hair.. which even the Garnier Fructis failed to give. I doubt its model’s hair now!huh! So one day while searching tips on Google I came across this wonderful oil which promises to make our hair thick and long! I believe, it not only promises but challenges that it will make your hair thick and long.. dare to apply it on our hand and you will see the difference! Phew! No do not be scared.. it’s just a friend of your mean mane.. here to help them out!

This pale yellow thick liquid is known as Castor Oil (Arandi ka tel in Hindi) can make you proud of your hair. It is obtained from the Castor seeds (which I personally do not find very good to look at)

This oil has shown its wonderful effect on my hair. And that’s why I thought of making it a little popular! (Hey Castor, you owe me a chocolate now :p)

Here’s the list of benefits it’s giving to my hair:

  • It moisturizes the hair as it coats the hair shaft and smooths out the cuticle layer by sealing in the moisture. Which in turn makes dry hair soft and manageable.
  • It protects the scalp and hair from infections, which is actually the primary cause of hair loss.
  • It improves the over all texture of your hair and makes them thicker too.
  • Gives them strength (Which Garnier Fructis can only show..lols no… no.. not even that much! You can’t pull a truck with hair anyways! :D)
  • If applied on the tips of the hair, it will prevent split ends.
  • Even delays the graying of your hair with regular use.
  • Helps in restoring damaged hair to their former self (Healthy state :)).
  • When others are claiming to make your hair grow, it is actually making them grow (With regular use of course)

This oil is thick so, it’s better to apply it on the roots alone and also on the tips rather than applying it on full length of your hair. As later it might be a little difficult to wash off.

You can also mix it with Almond/Olive/Coconut oil (to make it thinner) and apply it through the length.

Its better to leave this oil overnight. Else, at least give it an hours time to work on your roots, also wear a shower cap to enhance the effect!

A word of caution: Castor oil does increases the hair growth and yes if you apply it on your hands you will notice the difference. it will make the hair of the hand thicker and longer too. So unlike other oils(almond/olive) do not apply this on your hand. 

Applying Castor oil on face has its own benefits. It keeps the skin soft and supple and also keeps the wrinkles at bay. With regular use it can help in fading of the dark spots too. However, it shouldn’t be used continuously. One should always take a break else it can loosen up the skin (the effect is temporary though!) After a weeks use take a break for say four days and then you can resume.

This oil has helped me a lot in fighting the hair problems we all go through! I hope it will bless your hair too. Do try it and see the difference yourself! 😀


♥Swati R 



  1. I used this oil but maybe not long enough cause I didn’t notice any change on my hair growth 😦 Do you know amla? it’s a green idian oil with a very strong smell and it’s amazing for hair 😉 makes it strong & shiny, perfect to have long hair!!


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