Chambor Flowing Lipsticks

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Being one of my favorite brands I am giving Chambor the privilege to be reviewed first (in Lipsticks). This lovely blue colored brand has never let my expectations down. And I am soo in love with the Shea butter present in their lipsticks.  🙂 Here comes the lovely flowing lipsticks by Chambor.

Chambor says, ‘A chic, attractive metallic packaging with a transparent centre is now the Flowing lipstick for you. With a simple twist, the brush-tipped fluid lipstick allows for precise and easy application encompassing the creaminess of a solid lipstick. The stay-on formula perfects the hold of colour on the lips making it transfer proof and untraceable on an exterior surface. With less touch-ups, a feather-weight texture and more shades to choose from, Chambor’s ‘Flowing Lipstick Stay-on Colour’ is a must have beauty accessory packaged with elegance and poise.’

The first thing which attracted me towards these lipsticks was indeed the packaging.. I am so in love with them. And they have also kept in mind that the color should be visible in spite of the metal tube, the transparent center helps in identifying between different colors without opening them.

Chambor says, ‘Ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil which Nourishes & Moisturizes the lips throughout the day.
  • Shea Butter which nourishes and conditions the lips.
  • Vitamin A & Vitamin – E.’

They have listed all the good things they contain for your lips. You can actually smell the Shea butter in these lipsticks. True to their words they do have it in them. 

Here, I have two lipsticks from this range. Passion Rose and Sparkling Rose, although they both have the word Rose attached to them but they are very different from each other. Passion Rose belongs to the red family (it is actually more of a Maroonish red color with a hint of pink), and Sparkling Rose is more of a copper brown with some sparkle. 

(I just sniffed them.. yummmm :))

I don’t remember the exact price of these but I am sure it must be around Rs. 500. 

Chambor says, ‘

  • Non Transferable Matte texture.
  • Gives a Wet Texture on application and gradually dries down to a Non Transferable Matte, Light weight Texture.
  • Precise & easy application due to the professional brush.
  • Water Proof – Stay On & Smudegeproof.
  • No Animal Ingredients.
  • Non – Comodogenic.’

I do believe some of the claims laid by the company, but would give the honest impression I have of these beauties. 


  • They are really very pigmented and give out the same shade as in the Tube. 
  • They stay for more than 12 hours. I wore it to a friend’s marriage and forgot to carry this with me. Stayed there the whole night only to discover the lipstick was intact. Just a little wear and tear but nothing to be bothered about! 
  • Application is really easy with the soft brush attached to it.
  • To take the color out we have to twist the bottom of the lipstick which takes out the right amount of color. 
  • I am a fan of Passion rose more than the Sparkling Rose as it brightens up my face (maybe because it belongs to the red family :D). however Passion Rose is more of a party color for me and Sparkling Rose can be worn any day!
  • The quantity offered is good (5 ml).
  • They have metallic body however, they are light in weight. 
  • I love their pen style.
  • And the fact that a transparent part was left to show the color.
  • It is non-transferable. 


  • Although they claim that the lipstick has Shea butter and other agents to keep the lips soft and moisturized but I do not agree with them on this. Once set it is actually drying because it is a liquid to matte lipstick. 
  • You need a lip balm or a gloss over it to keep your lip well moisturized. 
  • Have to be a little careful while twisting the bottom. Else you will end up wasting a lot of product.
  • Need a cleanser to be removed from the lips.

I don’t think they have any other con. I still love them and will buy more shades from this range. I have a habit of applying lip balms all the time so the drying part doesn’t bother me much! 🙂


♥Swati R♥


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