Long Forgotten Indoor Games= Perfect Weekend!

Sometimes it’s good to be a kid and think of all the games we used to play!

With lots of Innocence and friendly fights… those moments when we used to cry,

Somehow the meanings must have changed of our life…  still I wonder what can we do in our spare time!!!

Here, are some of the games to take you back to your childhood. 

Pick few games and plan your weekend accordingly… share laughter, pinch each other, behave like kids!! And make bonding over a cup of coffee.. a thing of past!! 🙂

1) Ludo 

2) Snakes and Ladders:

3) Monopoly:

4) Chidiya Udd 😀

5) Hide and Seek:

6) Scavenger Hunt:

7) Carrom: 

8) Chess:

9) Name, Place, Animal and Thing:

10) Clay moulding competition 🙂

Am I sounding silly??? No just Kiddish!!! hehhe 😉


♥Swati R♥



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