Red Lippies :)

My love for the color RED is gradually growing…. once I promised myself that I will wear a Red outfit daily and guess what I did- for a week I went in red colored clothes to the office! Poor Red haters were all surprised and shocked to see  me in that color daily. 🙂

I thought of compiling some of my red lippies here for all to see. Though the collection isn’t much because I only dab a little on my lips to give a nice subtle look (can’t apply it every day, everywhere :().

I am just going to display all the red lippies which show true color of red (on the brighter side) here. But unfortunately my camera wasn’t able to capture the color beautifully 😦  But I promise you to show the true colors from next time onwards with a better camera :D. Super excited for that 🙂 Do let me know which once should I review first.

1) The Body Shop Love Gloss (around Rs. 595)

2) Lakme Aqua Shine Lip Color (around Rs. 425):

3)  Maybelline Colorsensation Fatal Red (Rs. 299):

4)  Maybelline Water Shine Lipstick (around Rs. 250):

5)  Beyu Star Lipstick (around Rs. 630):

6)  Rival de Loop (don’t know the price a gift from Germany): 

7)  Maybelline Moisture Whip- Red Wine (don’t know the price again :():

8)  Oriflame Sparkling Ruby (Don’t remember the price it was under Rs 100 for sure!):

9)  Kanebo (a gift from Thailand):

10) Espirit Lip Liner:

11) Lakme Lip Love (Rs. 225):

12)  Avon Tinted Lip Balm (around Rs. 99 but always on offer, I am showing it here because I love the color it gives :D): 

13)  A palette received as a gift from Thailand:

I am really sorry about the pictures and I am really upset because of them. I didn’t want to publish this one but somehow I gathered up the courage to do so. I have been taking so many pictures of these beauties to show what they really are. I should have taken them in the day light… lesson learnt!!! :..( Some of them are actually looking dark but they are not!

Hope you all will spare me this time 🙂 … come on its almost my first stint with the blogging world.. I am just learning. 😀


♥Swati R♥



  1. Nice collection of reds :)…..btw can u suggest me some kajal/eyeliner that is waterline safe yet smudgeproof….cos i wear lens …thanks :)…nice blog

    • Thankyou soo much 🙂
      Try Chambor Dazzel eyeliner in black, Maybelline Collosal Kajal or Gel eyeliners(by Maybelline or Inglot)
      They are all safe on waterline and smudge proof…
      I use Chambor Dazzel Eyeliner a lot.. it’s blackest black and gives somewhat glossy look 🙂

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