Wooden Comb- Wonderful tool for hair!

One day while strolling in Delhi Haat I came across this counter selling wooden combs, I was instantly attracted to them as they were beautifully carved. And I was forced to buy them (thanks to my heart lols :D). And that’s how I discovered them for my hair heheh….

The wooden combs aren’t very popular and are not widely available but they have many benefits, which can help our hair and scalp to remain healthy.

  • The most important ‘They are non toxic– imagine the harm those plastic combs are giving (and we are unaware of!)’.
  • They also keep Dandruff away from the scalp (Wooden comb made out of Neem wood is the best).
  • They will not produce static.
  • Gives shine to the hair.
  • Are not harsh on the scalp or hair (unlike the scratchy plastic combs).
  • They can soak access oil from the hair(but not much for my super oily hair)  or distribute them evenly through the length.

An ancient Comb

Care for Wooden combs is a tricky question as we can’t let them spend some time in water(else they will swell). All we can do is dry clean them lols.. yup jus rub a cloth on the comb or a brush over it to remove dirt. Incase the dirt is being stubborn just use little water (wherever needed)  and rub with the brush. Let it dry under the fan or the under sun  (a better option ).

Little efforts and small things collectively help in bringing big Changes for betterment… Right??? 😀

Happy Combing!!!! 🙂


♥Swati R♥



  1. I have been looking everywhere for a wooden comb made from Neem wood. Too bad I don’t live in Delhi any more. Those combs are gorgeous!

  2. Wood combs are good in general but combs that are made of Neem wood are excellent. It is believed that these combs, when used regularly can control hair fall and also treat dandruff.

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