7 home remedies to lighten Pigmentation

Pigmentation— I hate this word… eekkksss I hate to look at mirror too when it takes over (as if it’s my worst enemy :(). Not only me I am sure many of us deal with them. And they are at their best in summers!

Like always I like to stick to homemade recipes to keep a healthy skin (you never know these cosmetics which give you immediate effect might reverse the effect at later age!)

Here I am sharing 7 easy tips and tricks I follow for a clear  complexion:

  1. Cucumber juice and lemon juice mixed together and applied generously over the face can be really effective. They can be stored too for 3-4 days if kept in a tight container. 
  2. Grate a potato and squeeze out the juice store it in a container. Apply it with cotton twice daily. You can also rub the grated potato, and will see some difference instantly.
  3. Tomato juice used alone or with honey reduces pigmentation and keeps the face bright and charming.
  4. Curd with lemon juice provides clear complexion which glows from within.
  5. Wonder fruit Papaya not only cleanses the stomach but if applied directly on skin gives a clear complexion. A healthy stomach means healthy face and it will have dual action if applied over the skin (like buy one get one free 🙂 we all love free stuff.. don’t we? 😀 ) 
  6. Milk’s cream (Malai) mixed with lemon helps removing pigmentation.
  7. Also soaked almond paste mixed with milk helps a lot.

Do try any of these and follow religiously for a while, I am sure you will notice the difference soon.

I have tried these and to tell you the truth I do not follow any one but all (alternatively).. hehe this mind of mine wants to draw out the benefits of everything available. 🙂 And they actually help a lot in not only clearing out the pigmentation but to give a lovely glow too.

Happy Healthy Skin! 🙂 (Isn’t it becoming my tag line :D)


♥Swati R♥



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