BeYu Lip Cream

A fortunate conversation:

SA: Ma’am would you like to try anything from BeYu?

Ma’am (me :)): Nopes, I will go for Chambor instead.. which brand is this anyways BeYu???

SA: ‘bi:ju:’ that’s how we pronounce it! It’s a really good brand from Germany! Please try something, I am sure you will like it.

And I was already looking at the stuff available (This name ‘Germany‘ really sounds attractive.. right? :D)

And that’s how I discovered my favorite LipGlossCream.!

Lip Cream sounds delicious, isn’t it??  I don’t know why I find it fascinating :). The moment I saw this fat tube I was really impressed with the quantity they are offering. And the quality too afterwards!!!!

BeYu claims ‘Lip gloss with glitter particles and a touch of color in a stylish tube! 
The lips sparkle like crystals and become the center of attraction of any party make-up. The soft shades give only a hint of color on the lips without stealing the show of the glitter particles. Thanks to the non-sticky texture, the gloss can be applied easily and evenly. The colors vary from a decent shimmer to an extreme glitter look!’ 


These lovely LipCreams comes in a plastic tube with metallic cap. Instead of a Foam applicator it has a brush applicator attached to  the wand which makes application really good.


It gives out exactly the same color as seen in the tube. It is intense and so pigmented(I don’t know why they have mentioned that it only gives a hint of color) that I actually dab a little and spread it with another brush or finger(to give a tinted look if not going to party). And true to its claim it actually prepares your lips for party.


Makes the lips soft, smooth and creamy! Never ever settled in fine lines. 😀

Staying Power:

As it is an Ideal party wear lip cream which glides on smoothly on our lips, it actually has a really good staying power as well. And trust me even if the gloss fades a bit the color remains there. I attended a wedding while wearing it and after having snacks rushed to the washroom to re-apply it. I was happily surprised to see the color was still there on my lips. For the glossy look alone I re applied a little.

And the rest:

It’s a beautiful pinkish red color (I love all shades of red hehehe).It instantly brightens up my complexion and makes the lips soo smooth and lovely to look at. The amount of product they are offering is just perfect 9ml. Because it is highly pigmented and we have 9ml product in the tube it will last a long time(I just dab a little on the lips and spread it).


At Rs.680 I was a bit reluctant to buy a lipglosscream because I had this faith that no matter how expensive gloss you may buy it will not stay.  But the color and texture of this lip cream attracted me towards it.

I have already written so many pros about it still I am summing up them here:

  • Excellent creamy texture.
  • Highly pigmented.
  • Both the Q’s are satisfying the Quality and the Quantity!
  • Staying power is decent.
  • Perfect for party makeup.

I am soo much in love with this color that I do not find any con in this, but after thinking really hard I would say half heartily that the wand picks up a lot of color so some may find it a bit tedious to apply it with some other lip brush.

Will I repurchase???

Yesssssssssssssssssssss… for sure!!! I will try some other colors too!!!! And I really recommend it to everyone. You should try it at least once! 🙂


♥Swati R♥


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