Fresh start of the Day!!! Yay!!!!! :)

Remember those days when we get up and we find ourselves humming a tune… yes those days are such a darling.. we find ourself in that good mood for the rest of the day… Actually they act as the mood uplifters…:)

And today was one such day (for me)… I had a really great day.. feeling good from inside but I don’t know why… lols!
I wished everyday could start like this.. and that’s when my mind ticked…
haha another attempt of rhyming words :D.

So I tried to sum up the things we could do in the morning to have such fulfilling awakenings:

  • We can always think of God and thank him in advance for the whole day (kind of buttering so that everything would go in our favor :p). And you know what this way we can have a positive outlook, ‘No matter what God is there’ !
  • We can also think of all the good things that happened the previous day to bring an inner smile to the face (face exercise too 😀 hehe!) and a fresh start with good memories.
  • Think of that particular person who always brings happiness in your life. 😉
  • Or the dish you would like to have (momos, pizza, rajma anything!).. no!no! please don’t count the calories. 🙂
  • And of course listen to that favorite song of yours as soon as you wake up so that if it doesn’t come up to your mind instantly, it will this way! (Hilary Duff’s ‘Hey now.. Hey now.. this is what dreams are made of!’ makes me feel sooo good! :D)
  • Ok so you need to get out of the bed.. and this bed isn’t letting you leave it :(. Magical remedy: Think of the Ice cream waiting for you in the freezer… you can’t let it wait any longer right?? go brush our teeth now 😀 (valid only if you are a foodie like me :))
  • Before sleeping keep a bottle of your favorite perfume next to you, sniff it in the morning!
  • Okay so no one would reveal this.. you can keep a fluffy soft little cloth bag with you(soft toys :)) while sleeping! Imagine waking up and feeling their softness could be so good.
  • And… and.. if you went out for shopping a day before and purchased you favorite lip color(or anything).. keep it next to your pillow! The moment you get up and give it a glance- excitement and happiness your face will have can not be explained! 😉

Please don’t indulge in:

  • Thinking about the fight you had with your loved one last night (think of the time they made you smile).
  • Don’t worry about everything you have to do today, remember it’s morning time… your time!!!!
  • Stop fretting about the exercise you have to do after getting up.
  • Ahhh your mind is not a memo… please make the list for the grocery store later!
  • Your phone can definitely take some more time to rest. Keep it out of your reach so that it’s not the first thing which comes in your hands/mind.

Lovely Morning to all! 🙂


♥Swati R♥



  1. Hi Swati R… This is Swati J… :D… I also like to buy new products but I just don’t feel like spending a lot of money on costly cosmetics… I wish they gave stuffs for free or for heavy discounts 😦

  2. Happy without any reason and sad without any reason.. is something which I usually feel… and my hubby keeps can you be happy and sad without a reason!
    Hey I am Nidhi and I run a blog on nutrition Do check out
    Good Day

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