Lush Herbalism Cleanser

Casual stroll in Select City Walk can be so fruitful 😀

I am a sucker for the herbal and natural products and this little green paste promises to be just that!

So I had another visit to the world of natural products. Entering Lush is like giving an opportunity to an eager kid to roam around and pick each and everything in sight. 🙂

Like that same kid I was roaming hopping from one big bar of fruits and veggies to another. And that’s when this generous man came for my help. The SA was more than happy to show me various skin and hair care products and when I told him I have super oily skin he showed me this thick green paste called Lush Herbalism Cleanser. After the application of this cleanser on my hand I felt the immediate softness and the next moment I knew it was in the basket :).

Lush says, ‘Purifying and exfoliating herbal cleansing roll wash. Best used on oily and problem skin. Herbalism is a green, squidgy, putty-like paste made from powdered herbs, which are actually perfect for the skin. Herbalism cleanses with China clay, exfoliates with ground almonds, revives the skin with rosemary, uses nettle powder to purge your toxins and chamomile to soothe the surface. Please also drink two litres of water a day, go for a three mile walk, don’t smoke and eat your five helpings of fruit to keep your skin looking fantastic. Herbalism can do magic, but you’ve got to do your part.’

Available at Rs. 585 for 100grams. 

Immediate effect:

I was really happy with my purchase among other things that the moment I reached home I rushed to wash my face. And it worked wonders on my skin. Made my face so soft and radiant. It has small grains like particles which I guess does the excellent scrubbing. I initially thought it was quiet expensive for the amount they were offering but this little tub will last more than 2 months(with regular use) as a little amount of product is needed.

How to Use:

It shouldn’t come in contact with water else it will melt away with it. You may keep a spatula to take the product out. I do not keep it in the bathroom as I know I will end up soaking it in the water.

Take some product out from the tub and place it on your palm. Wet it a little and rub on the face. It will not lather and try to get used to the fragrance (3:) it isn’t something you would love to sniff again and again).

Overall Experience:

I use this at least twice in a week and have found this really helpful in making face bright and soft. However, it doesn’t control oil for long. And the texture it has always make me wonder how it can control it. The face appears cleaner, fresher and moisturized and it does tackle blackheads to some extent. I liked this cleanser because the effect it gives lasts for two days at least!!! However, I do not find it fit enough to be used daily as it sometimes make my skin break out.


  • It is made of all natural products.
  • Makes my face soft and bright.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • It makes the face cleaner, fresher.


  • It doesn’t remove makeup at all.
  • Tub packaging can be unhygienic.
  • Have to be careful with water around.
  • This is not fit for sniffing (the smell is weird!)

Will I Repurchase?

Maybe because of the way it makes my face happy occasionally. 🙂

Have You ever used this before?? If Yes, please share your experience with me.


♥Swati R♥


PS: I wish Lush would open more stores in Delhi!


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