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I am so much in love with the natural products (though I also use other products too), but whenever I see this natural handmade products mentioned anywhere I get attracted instantly. 🙂

I came across this website selling all handmade stuff and wanted to share it with you. And here’s the major line that attracted me the most “ is a marketplace to “Discover Unique Indian Products” including Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India.”

India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our Clothing, Food, Lifestyle, Language, Music, Books etc. This diversity is so rich and diverse that an attempt to capture it on a single platform was never made. is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet. uses a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India. We connect local artisans & designers directly to global customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middlemen, help them create/promote their brand and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. We believe this journey will not only help artisans of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to do today.”

And another surprising factor for me was that they are covering almost all the things you need bath and Body products (my favorite section :)), Jewelry, Sarees, Bags, Food and Health and what not!

Like Ebay,  they also have  shops in their websites. I don’t know why but this concept of having shops online excites me. Hehe the virtual shopping experience is like without taking the elevator you can go from one shop to another.

They are also associated with many NGOs, they help sell their products on this site which is more towards the social touch. It was a started in 2011  by husband wife duo Manoj and Monika. They are actually giving an excellent platform to some great craftsmen living in rural India.

And the good news for the people living outside India but wish to own some Indian products is that they ship internationally too and have an offer of free shipping outside India on an order above  USD 100. And they deal in 8 currencies!

Another fun factor associated with this is that they have a subtitle Taste,  when I clicked it I was greeted by this:

Hehe that’s funny and interesting I am foodie!, I want to look hot!, I like Herbals!

I have read few reviews about and tried my level best to discover it through their website. However, I would love to know about your views on it and please let me know if you have ever purchased anything. If yes, suggest me those things as I really want to try few products from Craftsvilla.


♥Swati R♥

PS: As stated above I haven’t tried anything yet but would love to. Whatever information is provided here is collected after reviewing this website.



  1. Like you am a huge fan of Craftsvilla. Browsing through their numerous products gives me a new high! Wonderful post Swati. Btw am a new blogger too. Pls do drop by whenever you can. 😀

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