Lakme Eye Glide pencil in Deep Teal

I added another gem to my eye pencil collection… and that too a first one from a brand I always looked down upon! I am sorry by saying this I must be hurting some people here But that totally WAS my perception of Lakme. And today they cleared the air about themselves. 😀

While strolling in the mall and looking for a good eye pencil I went to this counter which started showing  me same old colors. After a while I believe she read my face and took some pencils from the counter next to it. I wanted a color to apply on the waterline (in place of black eyeliner- I do experiment with different colors on waterline :)). Finally I settled for a color which looked a little like dark blue.

Left: swiped twice, Right: Swiped once

I was pretty upset to know that the color belonged to Lakme 😩 the brand I do not like much (unaware of the fact that they have improved a lot!!! really a lot!!! I do love their lip love collection :D). Anyways the color mattered more than the name :). She even tried to tempt me with the description of the pencil written on the stick: Pearl shine, waterproof, Dermatologist approved … And I bought it! :D.


It has soft creamy texture which give opaque color at one swipe. I really liked this apart of the regular cleanser test they give to all the eye pencils.

Price: Rs. 275/-

My experience with it:

Like always the moment I reached home I applied it.  And too my surprise it gave the same color in single swipe even on the waterline (It was surprising because sometimes I have to swipe twice or thrice to get the color there). And staying power is quiet impressive. It was intact for the next 5 hours, faded just a little from the waterline (I have watery eyes). Though there is no sign of pearly shine!


  • The Creamy Texture.
  • Easy to apply even on water line.
  • Stays for a long time.
  • Can be smudged as an eyeshadow (immediately after the application).
  • Very Pigmented (gives out the color in a single swipe).


  • I wish instead of making the rear of the pencil of metal they should have used the same color (It helps a lot in differentiating!)

I did not find any other con in it and I am sure I would buy more colors from this range!!!


♄Swati R♄



  1. Hey there just discovered your blog 🙂 enjoying going through your posts…
    I love the blue colour….I actually like their thick black kajal stick too..its a handbag essential for me 🙂
    do chk out my blog
    would love to hear from you and get tips on how to improve

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