Nosepins: Jewelry I love the most

First of all I would love to tell you how much I like nosepins from the fact that I actually got my nose pierced thrice. Yes! you heard that right.. thrice :).

A few years ago I got it pierced and at that time I was a fan of Nose Rings more than Nose pins. Some complimented me and some said that I look older with the ring, but the actual reason of letting it go was: I woke up one day with a huge pimple close  to my piercing, I had to leave it without nose ring for a few days and it healed! 😦

Then came the second time almost an year ago. I went to Kamla Nagar to get it pierced by that special man everyone talks about. The moment I reached home and showed mommy my nose with a red stud she said it’s not on the right place! I had the worst night ever (tossing and turning- wanted to get a fresh one immediately) and in the morning went with mommy to some other jeweler to get a third piecing done. Finally it’s still surviving :D. Touchwood!

And i wanted it so much that I didn’t even feel the pain lols. 😉

Here are some of the nose pins that I love to wear:

And here’s some of the nose pins I would love to own:

Check out this website, I found so many new designs of nose pins 🙂  (Nobody influenced me to add this, I am sharing what I liked :D)


♥Swati R♥


PS: You might think the nose pins I own are just too big., but they look lovely 🙂



  1. I’ve never actually tried a nose pin; what’s the difference between a pin and a ring? Also, I live in USA, is it possible to get nose pins here as well? x thanks for the awesome post! Love the long one with the rhinestones!! x

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