Natural remedies for Dark Circles around eyes

Heyoo everyone,

I am back with another post to help in solving this real big problem of those ugly dark circles around our eyes. I know there is not even a single person who would say that, ‘I don’t mind them at all!’. They not only make the eyes look tired but steal the sheen our face possesses. Stocking up with concealers isn’t a very nice option always. I would prefer to go for some natural options to fight them.

The root cause of these big dark circles could be many, depending on your lifestyle too. Some are listed below:

  • Lack of sleep.
  • Drinking less water.
  • Stress
  • Lack of Iron in diet.
  • Bad blood circulation around eyes.
  • Any illness or weakness in the body can provoke them.

No one wants to have those panda eyes and go out, right??? And there are things we can’t  avoid from happening, for instance, you have a lot of work load because of which you are not getting enough sleep but getting enough of dark circles!

I understand there are unavoidable circumstances and yes, people do come to us with concerned faces to advise ‘you know you should get enough sleep’ (as if we don’t want :().  There are things which we can’t help! And that’s where these remedies come into picture! 😉

Try out these simple home made remedies to get rid off them:

  • Tomato juice + lemon juice + Turmeric (Haldi) + gram flour (besan) + used once everyday = less dark circles (at least apply daily for a week, leave it for ten minutes before washing it off).
  • Ok so I agreed with you- you can’t always get the required sleep, right??? But you can actually reduce the Alcohol intake and throw away your smoking habit for better brighter skin.
  • We should at least drink 7-8 glasses of water… hmmm can’t keep a count on that? That’s okay! Keep a bottle of water with you. every time you drink from it try to finish it up.
  • We need Iron not only for bones but for eyes too… yes, to get rid of those circles. Eat lots of green veggies, walnuts and fish!
  • Grate a potato and apply its juice with cotton everyday(you can store the juice for few days!) and also apply the grated potato over the eye area.
  • Store used green Tea bags in refrigerator, leave them over the eyes for some time (the antioxidants in it helps!)
  • Apply papaya’s paste around eyes (or on full face) to help lighten them.
  • Cucumber alone or mixed with lemon juice helps in reducing them (again store them for few days and apply daily).
  • Massage with almond oil (rich in Vitamin E) around eyes to improve the blood circulation. Skin around eyes is very thin and sensitive always use the ring finger to massage the eye area as it exerts less pressure.
  •  You can also place cotton dipped in cold milk over the eyes for ten minutes daily.

♥ Hope you will find these simple remedies helpful!


♥Swati R♥