Bourjois Lip Tint

Just for the days when I don’t want to apply dark pigmented cream based colors on my lips, tinted lip balms come as a saviour. But then one day while shopping for some more lippies the SA at the Bourjois counter tried to tempt me with these lovely bottles. I love all the products by Bourjois as they are soo cute and hard to resist. And being my first lip tints they enjoy a special place in my lipstick collection.

About the Bottle’s cuteness:

It comes in a plastic jar (I like the lip products which show the color without having to open them). And also has a sponge applicator which makes the application easy and precise.

You have to shell out around Rs.500 for 8.5ml product.

It is water based and the SA told me this lasts for 24 hours.

How to apply:

Initially when I bought it I was not at all happy because unlike the claim SA made that it would stay put for the next 24 hours,  it was all gone in an hour! I left it just like that for the next few months only to be discovered later by my mum. I really liked the color she was wearing that day and when she told me it’s the same Bourjois tint I dumped long ago, I was shocked! It was there even when she finished her food, it was there when she went to market with me!  It stayed there for so long that I had to ask mommy how she applied it. and that’s what she told me:

Exfoliate the lips with a cloth(like towel) and instead of moving the applicator back and forth swipe it in one direction. While applying she wears at least 3 coats of this and that’s why it survives for so long.

The reason behind moving it in one direction was that it gives an even coverage.

The Color:

I have these in dark and light pink. And they both look equally good and are nicely pigmented.

My experience with it:

I have been using these for more than a year and whenever I want nice pink lips. 🙂 It’s water based so you would actually forget that you are wearing it. And above all this can be used as a cheek tint too (for a nice pinkish natural blush look :D). It stays for an around 5-6 hours.

However, for the dry lipped beauties this will not be very suitable. I prefer to apply a lip balm over it (which reduces its life but looks nice).

Overall I like it a lot and would love to buy more lip tints but from different brands (Max factor and The Body Shop are you listening) as these are going to last long :).


♥Swati R♥



  1. Hi there! I just want to say thank you for this wonderful post. I used to have this tint ages ago – I can’t seem to find this anymore at my local Boots store though. But this tint never worked for me back then, and now, I think I know why. So the other day, while remembering your post and your Mom’s tips, I tried my only-lip-tint (Korean brand Mizon) and instead of applying the usual dabbing on your lips, I swiped it one way…. and OMG, it worked! It stayed for so long and the finish was just amazing. So thank you, this wonderful, simple tip you’ve shared here, definitely worked for me. 🙂

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