Orange Lipsticks


After 2 long days I am back 🙂 nnaaaahhh… let me re-phrase it after 2 looooonnngggg tiring days I am back 😀 (now with a bigger grin) hehe!

Some new things in my life are trying their level best to keep me away from my blog. But thanks to the technologically advanced era… It keeps me updated and connected 😀

I am, like sooooo many other lipstick lovers, in love with the orange lippieesss 🙂 and I fell in lub with them when they were not even this popular.  I seriously hate the orange flavor (yucks it’s like as if I am drinking cough syrup :/) and the oranges sometimes when they taste so sour. But when it comes to lipstick this color catches my eyes.

And in Lipsticks the color Orange is said to be one of the boldest colors (Red you are not losing your place don’t worry :)). I remember my friends expression when I bought my first orange lipstick.. and the nailpaint.. lols!!! people sometimes can’t digest things which they come to love afterwards! :p

The first and the becht Lippieee award goes to My ‘Lotus O Orange’  :). I found this lovely lippieee from Lotus long ago and was reluctant to buy this but again the SA talked me into buying this! 🙂 Price: Rs. 395.

Inglot freedom system lipsticks refill # 37 …. such a bright perfect orange shade I bought after drooling over it for few months 🙂

Price: Rs. 250 for the refill. Reviewed here.

Bourjois lip Cream #57 Rouge Chic (It’s not exactly orange but several shades darker and has prominent red shade. But on my lips it looks like dark orange 😉 ) And camera isn’t doing justice to this shade.

Price Rs. 575/-

Lakme Lip Palatte has this shade which I call Burnt Orange 🙂

I don’t remember the exact price, around Rs. 600.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick Bronze orange: It’s looking pinkish here I don’t know why! It looks like a nice pale orange with pink undertones on the lips.

Price: Rs. 220/-

And From a Lip Palate I received as a gift long ago 🙂

Here are the swatches of the 5 lip colors 🙂

Trust me Bronze Orange isn’t that pink. 😦 It looks really nice in real and on lips too.

Here’s the swatch of the orange lippiee from gifted palate

Many girls avoid such colors so two useful tips for them:

  • If the color is dark/bright for you, just dab a little with your finger tips on the lips to give a tinted look.
  • Keep the makeup soft with a bright orange lipstick.


♥Swati R♥



  1. I love orange lipsticks/balm! I own one but they call it tangerine, I love the color and finish and everything it does to make my lips look pretty. Check out my review on it, it’s called Etude House Follow Me Tint. You might like it. And it’s quite cheap as well.

  2. I just love orange lippies. Nice collection that you have got here. Try colorbar velvet matte’s obsessed orange too. I am sure you ll fall in love with it!

  3. Hi swati
    wow awesome shades and thanks bec i have learn so many things from your blog posts.May i know do you write blog for others.If u, can you write blog For Viviana ( Cosmetic Brand) . we provide you a beauty gift hamper from Viviana .if you are interested please contact me at this email id

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