Maybelline Jewels Lipstick Pink Tourmaline

Happy Morning to all….

I had a satisfying weekend and you know why??? hehheehe I bought the newly launched Maybelline Jewel Lipstick… yuuppiiieeeeeeeee 😀

I am so happy and a proud owner. Having the first hand experience of anything new in the market gives a satisfying feeling no? And specially when the product is actually a lipstick! 🙂

Yes… this picture is the culprit… it’s the one which tempted me into buying one of these beauties :).

I purchased it from New U and right now Maybelline products are on 15% sale :D. The price of these is Rs. 350/- and I got the discount too :).


Beautiful is the first word that came to my mind. It’s almost same like Colorsensational packaging but with a twist. And the twist is that  it has lovely rainbow shine on it.  I am sure everyone would love it and I love that Maybelline is so considerate that they have the same color packaging as the color of the lippiiee. It makes it easy for the lipstick lovers to choose one from the pool of lippiees :D. The inner portion of these lippies is metallic and I love it when my lippies have metallic  bodies than the plastic one.


Pink Tourmaline (1433) is a light pink shade with some tiny shimmery particles in it (the Jewels :)). When I looked closely the shimmer looks purplish but don’t worry pink is overpowering it. And the color is lovely… I just keep re applying it (I hope my other lippies aren’t minding this :p)

Texture and Pigmentation:

It has creamy texture which glides smoothly on lips. But feels slightly heavy.. i mean it’s not one of those which you apply and kind of forget. It will make you feel and believe that you are wearing it. With one swipe the color looks good but I swipe twice to build it even more.

Staying Power:

Isn’t this the biggest concern we have with most of the lipsticks? And this lipstick is not the one that would actually disappoint you much. It stays for about 3 hours with little eating/drinking. And when it’s gone it leaves behind nice tinted pink lips.

My overall experience:

I am happy with my purchase and also because I got discount on it. Thank god unlike clothes, the fresh newly launched lippiies are on discount. This is the lightest pink of all I saw. And I am lubing it! 🙂 I am impressed with the texture and staying power.

This is how it would look with light reflecting on it


  • They are creamy and moisturizing.
  • I  also like the fragrance which is very light.
  • The color is nicely pigmented.
  • And these are easily available.
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines.


  • Staying power could have been better.
  • The shade selection is limited. I think they should introduce some more different shades.

Will I repurchase??

Yes, i would love to try the other colors too.


♥Swati R♥



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