DIY: Instant Egg hair mask for deep conditioning

Because i have oily scalp and was going out regularly for the past 5 days, I kept washing my hair. I don’t want them to look oily at all when I step outside. But there was this guilt feeling which forced me to let my hair drink up some beneficial things and I made this instant hair pack.

I have always heard and read that Eggs are rich in protein and the relationship of hair with protein should be really strong to keep them healthy (therefore,  eggs are directly proportional to hair  healthy hair! :p). It adds volume and shine also to the hair. So without second thoughts egg has to be a part of my hair mask.

Take 3-4 eggs depending upon your hair length and beat them.

Then, came the Castor oil as it protects, moisturizes, strengthen and simply loves the hair. You may read more about this wonderful oil here.

Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Mulatani mitti are all good for hair… right! So that’s why I have a bought powder of all these to include in my hair mask. 🙂 (The powder I have has all of these mixed.. easily available at any of the Ayurvedic store).

Coffee… why???

Because it cleanses the hair and makes them shiny. It also makes them bouncy, silky, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.

So a spoonful of coffee :).

And my instant hair mask is ready to condition your hair deeply.

Mix them well and apply for 20 minutes.

Cover your head with a shower cap. If you do not have it cover it with a polybag. But next time you step outside make sure you buy a shower cap, it’s really helpful. Once you cover your head with it, it will ensure better absorption of all the good things.


Do not pour warm water to remove the egg, use normal water (else the egg may harden up more and will make it a little difficult to remove it).

First rinse hair with normal water and let the mask go away with it, then use shampoo.


♥Swati R♥

PS: It’s midnight when I am writing this post and today I am pampering my hair only with almond oil.



  1. My hairdresser just told me how to make a hair mask consisting of olive oil, and egg yolk! This seems like a good hair mask – does your hair feel really good now? 😀

  2. I add mayo and a little lemon to this egg and coffee mixture and it gives me result even better than professional hair spa. they feel so soft and shiny and loads of volume

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