Montagne Jannesse Volume Miracle and Ultra Shine Serum


Texture of my Hair:

I have Fine, Silky hair which tend to get oily if I don’t wash them every alternate day. Actually I used to wash them daily because on the day one they are really good and well behaved and second day they are oil factory. Now I try to manage by half tying them so that I don’t wash them much.

And because they are fine and silky I find the lack of bounce volume. 😦

Precisely this is the reason this hair mask caught my eyes and interest!

Montagne Jeunesse Hair Mask

I used to see many face masks of this particular brand being reviewed on some of the blogs but didn’t know where to buy these from. On a fortunate trip to NEW U ended my search.

They say, ‘Turn up the volume and give lifeless hair a lift! First give it a boost with Bilberry and Hawaiian Ginger Volume Miracle, followed with Ultra Shine Serum to shape and shine.’

Price: Rs. 150 for each.

Step 1


I am glad it has a creamy texture..  when I bought this I had this doubt what if it’s runny. Because then it’s really hard to apply it on your hair without dripping it. It has almost the same consistency like that of Dove conditioners.


It is slightly on the stronger side. But it isn’t that bothersome.

How to apply:

Stage 1: Shampoo, and rinse your hair. Squeeze out some amount on your palm and apply on your hair evenly from root to tips.  Rinse again with water.

Stage 2: Apply to hair in small amounts then dry and style as usual.

Step 2 

My experience with this:

This Sachet is divided into two parts. One has the miracle product to give volume to your tresses and the second one is to provide shine.

I followed the instructions and applied the first one.. the immediate reaction was that I felt like I am rubbing cream in my hair. It was such a soft experience however, I was just a little scared that what if it will make my already silky hair even more silky soft.

You might be wondering that when I have silky soft hair what is the problem in that?

Well, the problem is that when you have silky hair that are fine too, they just lack volume. 😦 

Then came the serum (it is just like Livon) to give shine to hair. Though Livon used to make my hair even more oily I still applied it.. thinking this must be something different. Hair felt soft and smooth during this whole process. I didn’t style my hair but air dried them.

Tada.. what I got was shiny hair with volume. Yes, even my mommy told me the same. I am super happy with this.

But the next time I will not use Step 2, that is, the serum. My scalp is oily so these serums make them even 0iler.

One sachet is good enough to  be used twice (i have mid length hair).


  • gives volume to hair.
  • moisturized, soft, silky hair… people with dry hair will love this.
  • It is not tested on animals.


  • Availability.
  • Because the whole pack wasn’t  used at one go, storing this open sachet is a problem.

Will i repurchase?

Yes, Whenever I will have to go to some party I will use this. 😀

Did you know Montagne Jeunesse masques are full of the most delicious and natural ingredients under the sun? A complete range of top to toe beauty treats, good for your skin, your wallet and the earth!



  1. Very nice review dear..I too have shiny, n volume lacking hair so i too find shampoos which clean hair with a squeaky clean finish. And this serum seems worth trying..will buy it asap!! 🙂 🙂

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