Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash- Brightening Berry

Look what i found in my face wash collection 🙂

I really forgot that I bought this after being tempted by the newspaper ads! Hmmm Fruity morning face wash… I really wanted to feel these to see what difference they would make to my early morning face…

Clean and Clear says,

‘Each gentle face wash contains natural extracts of Strawberry, Lemon or Apple and its unique formula is enriched with soft BURSTING BEADS® that gently burst with an energizing fragrance on your skin and let you experience a new wave of freshness every morning.

It doesn’t clog pores.. and is for oily skin (doesn’t over dry it).

And the one I bought claims that it ‘Brightens Dull Skin’: Three miracle words… right?? 😀


Transparent Bottle with a blue cap. And this is travel friendly. It has flip cap which is sturdy. It will not spill out in your bag.


Neither too thick nor too thin and it has beautiful reddish pink beads inside the bottle. They look cute.. 😀

Price Rs. 50 for 50ml.


Cherries… berries but yummmm 😀

My experience with this:

Well this was an impulse purchase of mine.. I had this face wash in the back of my mind after watching the ads of course and the moment I saw it, I bought it.

Taking a decision was not a problem for me between it’s variants… lemons  ekkks I hate the fragrance… apple hmmmmm naaahhhh.. Brightening Berry yayyyyy!!! Why??? Because berries are rich in antioxidants. 🙂 And they smell yummm!

I took two-three drops sized face wash on my hand and had fun in crushing the beads of this. It was easy to crush them… they were running here and there and I chased them a little and crusshhhh… 🙂

(I remember I used another face wash earlier which had multi colored beads… hmmm don’t remember the name now 😦 )

It did not lather much but the effects it gave to my face were worth noticing… It did brighten it a little, which of course is a temporary effect but regular use can ensure that it remains.. I mean wash your face twice daily with this. I can notice the skin to be soft and supple. And you know what though it claims that it’s for oily skin, it’s actually non drying. Like it gives a nice squeaky clean face but isn’t mattifying like many other face washes for oily skin. Moreover these oily skin face wash makes my hands dry out.. but with this I tried not to use hand cream for some time and I the effects on the hands were similar to that of the face.

Before writing this post I washed my face with this and haven’t applied hand cream yet!


  • Controls oil for some time.
  • Smells delicious.
  • Price and size of the bottle are complimenting each other… lols
  • Brightens the skin.
  • Makes it soft also.
  • Travel friendly.


Hmmmm mmm can’t think of any… this is just that good!

This is really an energetic face wash as the fragrance can really wake you up. And true as written on the bottle’s back that ‘It does leave skin clean, clear and Beautiful!’ 🙂

And if babies can trust Johnsons and Johnsons for their skin… we can also! 😀


♥Swati R♥



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