7 days 7 Lipcolors: Week 2


Last Monday I wrote a post compiling the 7 lip colors… and this was the second week of the challenge I had taken up.

Hmm just to brief you all for the next two weeks also I am not allowed to repeat even a single lipstick so that those long forgotten lippiess also get a chance to be applied. 🙂

Here’s the lucky ones of this week:

Day 1. Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick- Love that Rust (Price Rs. 250). Reviewed here!

Day 2. Chambor Flowing Lipstick Passion Rose (Price around Rs. 500). Reviewed here!

Day 3. Bourjois Rouge Chic Lip Cream # 56 (Price Rs. 575)

Day 4. Elle 18 Lipstick #22 Pink Fever (Price around Rs. 100)

Day 5. Bourjois Lip Tint (Price around Rs. 500). Reviewed here!

Day 6. Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Refill # 86. Reviewed here!

Day 7. Catrice Cosmetics lip Appeal gloss (Received as a Gift 🙂 )

And their swatches…

2 more weeks left…. 🙂


♥Swati R♥



  1. wow I’m loving this challenge..went back and saw your first week lippes too…I’m a total lip junkie and have about 60 lip products, some of them are still in packaging haven’t even gotten round to opening them, I think I’ll have to take up this kind of challenge, atleast I’ll have some satisfaction that all those gorgeous colors haven’t gone to waste.

    • Wow great…. I would love to see your collection as well… 🙂 waiting for you to take this challenge,… it’s fun everyday a different lipstick gets the chance.. I am enjoying it 😀
      And you should add one clause to your challenge that ‘you shouldn’t buy any lipstick during this’ :p so that the ones still in the packaging will get the chance too 😀

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