Whats In!!

Fashion tips from a friend who is a Dubai based Fashion consultant for you all:

No Blah Blah in this from my mind… just her words and some pics 🙂 (Why am I hearing sighs of relief 😦 )

  • Nude shades are Hawwtt and are IN…
  • Browns and Greens with Blues all earthy shades are talking tonns.
  • Flatter bum tops with sleek chicken work or embroidered pants are sultry elements in Dubai recently – all thanks to Zara boutiques who got in the trend back wid awesomist colour pallets…
  • Sun kissed is the new mantra when it comes to make up.
  • Water based eye stuff all NO NO, gel is all in..
  • Golden and silver with shimmers speaks the power and free style fashion teamed with silk or lacy loose pants.
  • Shoes and hand bags have to be rich and contrast.
  • Nail art is IN IN IN, go for it, grab a kit.
  • Hair braided is cool and a fashion statement too.
  • Soft buns or pop up pony tails with a lock left free to slide through your face are super chick and sexy.
  • Only 2 at a time  is the rule for accessories – Ear loops, necklace, hand bands or bangles or a nice big ring. Combination fingers or hand with ears. Or neck wid ears. It gives a chick look.
  • Ethnic prints are IN!


♥Swati R♥

PS: Thanks Nivedita 🙂


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