Max factor Liquid Effect Pencil: Brown Blaze

I have this section added in my blog called ‘Makeup’ where to my surprise I just write about lipsticks.. 🙂

So today I, despite of all that temptation from my new lipstick, will write about this eyeliner. I have been using it for quite sometime and was wearing it yesterday as well.

Haha while writing this post guess what am I singing… Honey Singh’s  Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne, munde patt te ni saare mere town de… Lols

Coming back to this wand in my hand:

Texture and pigmentation:
Soft and creamy. It says Liquid effect… it’s not at all glossy however, it glided smoothly over the lids and gave opaque coverage in just one swipe.  I do not have to pull skin around my eyes to apply this.

It has a smudger attached at the other end of the pencil to create a smoky eye look :D. You can smudge this easily with the help of that smudger. I use it with other eye pencils too.  It’s really easy to clean the surface of the smudger as well.

Price: Around 325 (I am really bad at remembering prices 😦 )

Staying power:
It was there on my lids for 5-6 hours behaving like a nice kid and then it became quite restless.


The packaging is really nice, It has the same color on the body also to make it easy to identify between other eye pencils. And smudger at one end is a really nice concept. It has sturdy plastic cap at both ends.

In room light

In Sunlight

My experience with it:

I came across this shade while hunting for another black eyeliner. These two words ‘liquid effect’  attracted me immediately and prompted me to buy this. 

I used to think that brown color doesn’t suit Indian skin tone well, at least in eye pencils. So this is actually my first brown pencil and the shade is more on the darker side. On application it looks really beautiful brown which is clearly visible on my Indian skin tone. 🙂 I really like the way it glides on my lids and have been using on the waterline as well. The stay on the waterline is comparatively less than that of the lid.

The smudger is a nice tool to give soft look to this eyepencil and has somewhat triangular shape.

Though I would say the liquid effect isn’t there but the overall look of this eyepencil after application is soft and smooth. It was easily removed with soap and water from my hand, so using a cleansing lotion isn’t that necessary.


  • Soft and smooth application
  • Easy to sharpen
  • I really liked the packaging.
  • Stays for a decent amount of time.
  • Has a smudger.
  • Nice Opaque color in just one swipe.
  • Doesn’t irritate the waterline as well.

Cons: I can’t think of any. 🙂


♥Swati R♥



  1. Waow! Nyc review…well i too was thinking of the same but when I bought Loreal Paris Superliner 24H Waterproof gel eye liner 02 Brown it suited me very well! 😀 😀

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