Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick: Matina

My new found love Colorbar is doing wonders for my lips :). And here’s my second lipstick from this brand (See the first one here).

Colorbar says,

‘Give your lips a soft and smooth look with the Soft Touch Lipstick. Its rich creamy formula enhances the lips, while keeping them moisturised and nourished. With Vitamin A and E and apricot oil, the Soft Touch Lipstick has anti-aging properties that protect the lips from chapping and discolouration. With a unique fig fragrance, the Soft Touch Lipstick is available in classy shades.’

Price Rs. 325.


Hey I love metallic covers and this one is pure metallic.. not even that plastic cap like that of Velvet Mattes :). I don’t know why I am so fascinated by the metallics. But the Velvet Mattes have the best thing at their bottom… err I mean they have that lipstick tub which makes it easy to identify them. Hope Colorbar would do the same for these as well or how about a mark on the Metallic body which should resemble the color.

Texture & Pigmentation:

Super soft smooth stick gives out such intense color in just one swipe. Sometimes I don’t even have to swipe it twice on the lips as it gives out pretty color in just one swipe (I only swipe it twice when I want the shade to be darker). It doesn’t settle in fine lines and moisturizes the lips.


It has tangy fragrance perhaps oranges lols. They say it has Fig fragrance.

Staying Power:

It stays somewhere close to 3 hours on my lips and leaves behind a beautiful tint. (I love tints yay!)

My experience and Color:

The color is close to dull pink with red undertones.  Choosing this color was not a very big deal.. I could easily identify it to be a different color not like the usual pinks. It brightens up my face immediately after application, I am glad it suited me this well. And the moment I swiped it I could notice plumping effect on the lips… I am not sure it if is the color or it really plumped them up. Colorbar is so nice to have included all the right ingredients for the lips Vitamin A and E, apricot oil and anti ageing benefits. It’s really nice of them that the lipstick lovers can apply lipsticks without getting their lips damaged with excessive use. It has nice sheen and makes the lips appear fuller (plumping effect).


  • It is moisturizing.
  • Doesn’t settle in fine lines.
  • Has Vitamin A, E and apricot oil.
  • Gives out intense color in just one swipe.
  • Hey it has Anti ageing benefits too.
  • Gives a plumping effect to the lips.
  • Leaves a tint :).
  • I really like the price.


  • I wish to make it last longer.
  • Please colorbar include a stain on the cover (same as the lipcolor) to make easy for us to identify.

Well, it seems Mr. Rust, of Love that Rust fame, has got some serious competitor :p.

I will definitely purchase more shades!


♥Swati R♥



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