Colorbar Triple Act Compact

My search for a compact that would last really long ended at the Colorbar counter few weeks ago. I asked the SA to show me a good compact and she started applying this foundation like thing om my hand.

Me: I have asked for a compact and you are showing me foundation??

SA: Ma’am this is 3 in one.. foundation, compact and concealer.. it is very effective and you can use this instead of a compact.

Me: No, I do not want this.. I want something for my oily skin. Something to control oil. I do not want this. (Purchased Matina and left with this still on my hand).

And the whole day I kept staring my hand.. am I noticing some difference… was the SA right in showing me this? hmmm somehow I was so interested in this that the next day it was in my bag. 🙂

Colorbar says,

‘Incredibly soft lightweight versatile three in one  makeup with foundation, compact and concealer that creates an illusion of makeup free, glowing complexion. Sun protection formula provides unbelievable coverage that wears on for hours together, oil free, non-comedogenic.’

colorbar compact


Packed inside a plastic container like that of normal compacts. The best part is that it has 2 levels inside one has the sponge and the other has triple act compact. This is really good of Colorbar to keep sponge away from the compact to avoid the product wastage.

And there’s a mirror to :).


It is lightweight and soft with creamy foundation like consistency. It isn’t cakey at all and blends easily.

How to apply:

I jut dot my face with this and blend it with a wet sponge.

My experience with it:

Apart from the compact, I really wanted something to apply daily on my face just like BB creams. And I was almost done with my Maybelline BB cream. That’s another reason I was attracted to it even more and asked the SA if this is fit enough for everyday use. And she said you will love it once you start applying.

First I moisturized my face then I applied this by dotting and blending it. I could notice the immediate difference it made, my skin had the soft  and glowing. It is actually lightweight, it didn’t bother me at all.. not even once I felt that I have something layered on my face. It settles itself quiet easily and gives a natural look. Hmmm about the blemishes I would say it gives medium coverage.. it hides the light ones perfectly but the dark and recent ones (of recent acne) were made light by this wonder.

And about the compact part I would give it 3 out of 5.. it controls oil but not for a very long time. After some time I have to dab some compact over my face.


  • Gives natural look to the face.
  • Makes skin glowing soft.
  • Medium coverage for blemishes.
  • Blends easily.
  • Sponge isn’t resting on the product :).
  • Last for really long.
  • Travel friendly.


  • I wish it could control oil for longer.

Am I going to buy this again??

Yes, for sure.. however this will last really long as I don’t have to use a lot of product. 😀


♥Swati R♥



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