Queen of Controversy

Guess whose taking all the lime light of being the most preferred lip cream ‘at an affordable price’ …

To do the honors let me call upon stage– Swati R *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

MISS CLAIRE… it is!!!!!

IMG_6039 IMG_6040 (1)

Okay!!! So here’s the history…I saw a girl wearing perfect Maroonish lip shade and couldn’t stop myself from asking about it! That sweet lady not only told me but bought the same shade for me.

Google search on Miss Claire leads to nothing but the websites selling it or the reviews already up on several blogs! The concern I have around these much hyped lip creams is- why every seller, every shop quotes a different price?

The same lip color can cost you from Rs.150 to Rs.350 depending on from where you are buying it. Even on Instagram I saw it easily getting Rs. 350 to paint your lips.

This super smooth easy to apply lip cream glides perfectly on the lips and settles to a perfect matte within a minute. It can dry your lips so using a lip balm before applying it is important. I usually apply a lip balm after washing my face and then, just before applying the lipcolor, I remove it with a tissue.

So, I tested this lip color in Fuchsia Pink for 10 hours– reapplied once. After three hours it became flaky and I could feel something on my lips. But one look in the mirror tells me that I can still leave it for a while. It passed the spoon test with just a little color on the spoon.


After the lunch, it was still there but looking ugly… all flaky and dry, as if its torn. See for yourself.


Just before it was totally gone….


That’s when I reapplied after removing it with the tissue. But seriously, when you apply these you are sure to get some compliments!!!!

Overall, I liked them. Reapplying after 3-4 hours is ok for me in the office but yea wearing them to a party is something I would never do. Definitely I would repurchase them for the value for money and they are NYX Dupe.

Do let me know your experience with these in the comments box below 🙂


Swati R


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