Casual Friday’s OOTD

Wake up in the morning
Lookin’ a little rough
Today I don’t know who I am
Today that’s not enough

So I go up to the mirror
Strike another pose
Happy, sad, good, bad
With every change of clothes

But everything I see is me, yeah, me

yeaaa me… yea I woke up in a similar manner on the friday morning… major reason I didn’t know what to wear… Major reason number 2– when you know you can’t iron your clothes because you forgot to get that wire fixed.. your mind feels perplexed!

Aah.. that thought and a crazy look in the closet to search for something which can do without ironing and that friday mood made me meet this lovely green top. I bought it almost two months ago and forgot about it  was waiting for the right day to wear it (don’t know which day though :D).

Here’s the don’t iron me I will still look good on you top….


Okay.. my second concern was what to wear inside this as

a. I was going for work.

b. I don’t live in Goa and work near a beach.

So, I chose the safest thing black… when in doubt wear black 😉


Summer ready… ditch the jeans and wear leggings. I am sure every girl must be having at least one pair of black leggings in their collection. They are super comfortable, we can simply wear them for whole day… so unlike the skinny jeans. Once you reach home you want to get rid of the skinny jeans asap.

IMG_6761IMG_6766Look at my black slippers.. aren’t they cute. 🙂 With a Rose and shiny stones and they are complimenting my top’s design.


I am one of those lazy girls who think that a watch be a lovely accessory (In reality too lazy to search for the perfect accessories at 6 in the morning). IMG_6765IMG_6767 (1)

This simple yet classy look was created because of time crunch and I would really go out for an evening with friends wearing the same outfit. The slippers that I wore belong to my mommy and this was the first time I tried to slip my legs in it. Lesson learnt: I need to dig in mommy’s wardrobe often. 😉 will tell you more in the next post because I really mean what I said.


Swati R


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