Food on The Go!!

Back from the trip… jumping on the scale.. Furious on the pounds you have gained!!

Well.. recently I was out on a week long trip and had what not! All kinds of street food dipped in oil and they taste just YUM! But somewhere in my mind there is this little angel who was constantly warning me against such fats.

When I came back my dear little scale didn’t scare me away… Waaooow.

Stay in shape. All I did was – I ate consciously. Some of us think that we shouldn’t worry so much. Come’on we are travelling we can care about all this later. And then the muffin on your plate gets stuck on your body. Here listing down few points for you to remember for a healthy yet yum trip. 🙂

  1. While packing the bags make sure you are carrying Flex seeds/Soy seeds. I mixed them both in a small container and kept it in my handbag. Easy Reach! Make it a point to have a spoonful in the morning before you head for your buffet breakfast. The fiber will make you feel full and will avoid binge! You can have them even before your evening snacks which tend to get more oily (specially when you are living in India).
  2. So you came for the breakfast Buffet and you want to have it all. Everything on display is screaming your name.. haha! Head for the fruits/salad first- fill your plate with these and have them. So 2/4 of you is full now. Now you can head for the next serving maybe the sandwich/Burger or whatever suits your taste-buds. What I do is- I remove one layer from anything which has wheat/bread. And if you are in India you can opt for Poha/Upma before the pooris.
  3. Pooris/any oily cutlet should be squeezed in paper napkins  before going into your mouth. No its not acting crazy, its actually helping you to eliminate some excess oil from getting into your fat layer. Let the people around you roll their eyes, its your body not theirs.
  4. Now that you are already full- you can run to the sweets section. Sharing is caring. I am sure you are not travelling alone. So share the sweets with your partner and its actually sharing the fats.
  5. Last part of your breakfast- SKIP Coffee/Tea and go for Green Tea. Some hot water to sooth your tummy. After all it will aid in the digestion process. And if you can’t survive without your morning Coffee/Tea try to have it without sugar and milk. Coffee Shot I call it.
  6. Next best thing you can do for yourself is- buy vegetables from the city you are in. Yes! carry the Swiss knife with you. Feeling hungry before lunch? Take that carrot from the vendor and you just saved yourself from the packet of chips. Count the Calorie difference it will make.
  7. Go ahead have whatever you feel like but never ever indulge in overeating. This requires some efforts. You have to constantly train your mind to think that the foods over before its actually over.
  8. Eat slowly- help your tummy and your brain. Let brain sink in the food you are having to send the signal right on time.
  9. Our little travel bottles come handy in carrying Apple Cider Vinegar or coconut oul. Remember.. less fats comes with conscious eating and constant reminder to your own self. How much you will have to sweat to be back in shape.. think!
  10. Ask for lemon or buy them. Mix in the bottle of water/hot water/green tea- Detox on the go. To whatever extent but still something is better than nothing.
  11. During dinner time order whatever you feel like but before that do order a plate of salad. No I cannot ask anybody to eat on time while travelling but at least we can try to fill ourselves with salad.
  12. Before you hit the bed- sip hot water. If you are not a fan of Green Tea you can simply opt for other such teas in the market. Else simple hot water with a dash of lemon will be helpful.
  13. Oh and I forgot to mention Curd- yes I eat that just the curd mixed with black pepper. And yea I sprinkle black pepper on my veggies as well.
  14. No juice/No aerated drinks- thirst can be quenched by Coconut juice, fresh fruits and plain simple water. Else follow the basic rule ‘SHARE YOUR FATS’.

Well these are just few simple things you have to do and you actually have to train your mind even before heading for the trip. Trip means you are a free bird but remember this free bird will touch reality soon. So act Consciously.. Stay Healthy!


Love ,

Swati R


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