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8 Style cues from the best dressed celebrities at Grammy’s 2016



Star studded red carpet award nights are something we all look forward to; who got an award for which category, who came with whom, and most importantly- who wore what is all we want to know.The Grammys 2016 was no different. We all waited with baited breath to catch a glimpse of our favorite celebs on TV or the web. What these stars wear on the red carpet usually become latest fashion trends for women & clearly become a fashion mandate for Latest dress design. Yes there were a lot of glamorous evening gowns on display, but clearly the sartorial fashion sense of some celebrities was a lot more edgy than the usually expected clichéd evening gowns. Overall it was a glamorous affair and we have picked our favorite looks from the event- Just look at the Dresses for Women in fashion :









attends The 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 15, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

1) Taylor Swift: The 1989 hit maker, chose a dramatic Atelier Versace co-

ordinates set custom-made for her. She was seen sporting a chic short bob

and the most promising jewelry trend for women in 2016, the choker.

2) Selena Gomez: She looked ravishing in a custom-made midnight blue

sequin dress by Calvin Klein. It had a gorgeous plunging back and thin

shiny straps.

3) Adele: She looked like a divine goddess in a custom Givenchy Couture

dress in black. This dress was deceptive enough to look stark and simple

from a distance but on taking a closer look it had beautiful details on the

bodice and sleeves.

4) Carrie Underwood: Carrie wore a voluminous black gown that was

designed by Lebanese designer Nicholas Jebran. The sophisticated

number with a thigh high slit provided the right amount of sauciness. Her

big yellow diamond statement necklace designed by the singer and her

hubby as a tribute to her latest single, clearly stole the show.

5) Ellie Goulding: “Love me like you do” singer posed a pretty picture in

powdery pink Stella McCartney dress which had a stunning low back with

draped chains. Her sparkly back served the purpose of statement jewelry,

which is why she kept rest of her look simple.

6) Bella Hadid: Another siren in black who looked gobsmackingly ravishing

on the red carpet is Bella Hadid who donned a super sexy black gown by

AlexandreVaulthier couture. This dress had temperatures soaring with a

plunging neckline and cutouts at the waist. With her hair slicked back and

a statement cuff, she looked like a diva.

7) Ariana Grande: Elegant yet sexy Ariana Grande looked smoking hot in a

red RomonaKeveza gown. It had a well-fitted corset bodice with buttons

and a flowy fluted skirt. A high pony and some diamonds complimented

her stunning outfit.

8) Serayah McNeil: The grey Vera Wang gown was a heady mix of old school

glam with a modern twist. One of the sexiest gowns of the evening, it had

a slashed bodice and a long train with a thigh high slit. She complimented

her look with dark oxblood lips, gold heels and a clutch from Oroton.

We are crushing, swooning and raving over these latest dress designs as seen on

some of our favorite celebs at the Grammys 2016.

Lets Dress Up The DIVA In YOU



For a few decades, women’s fashion dresses with their compatible body shapes have been in everyone’s talk. No matter what she picked-up to wear, a stylist or a designer would have taunted her for the outfit that didn’t flaunt her curves well.

We can easily characterize the bodies into five general shapes, like the Pear, inverted triangle, hourglass, apple and rectangle. Different body shapes may result in different looks even when the same ensemble is worn by them. For example, a maxi dress may look cute on one women but, it may not for others.

There is a lot of options to choose from when it comes to Women’s Fashion And, there is always a war of ideas among the fashion conscious women for opting the perfect attire for themselves. For some women, feminine and girly is the best choice, meanwhile some women are comfortable in sporting designer dresses.

Woman fashion is not just about carrying a limited edition bag or wearing a very expensive dress, its certainy about knowing your body proportions well and wearing outfits that enhance them.

Whether you like you body shape or not, there are plenty of ways to accentuate your curves, if you can understand your current shape and proportion. But you don’t worry, there is a whole array of dresses for women Dresses for womenwho love to stick to vogue without dominating their curvaceous body. In fact, an iconic appearance will be lent to you with just a little efoort from your side.

  • Uniqueness is what matters the most and a Pear shaped woman should know what to wearto get a special appearance. Actually, you must appreciate her body figure because she truly has an ideal shape: butts heavier than the bust. If you stand in the same league, then accentuate your upper part of the body while diminishing the heavier hipline to look more attractive. Let the designer dresses shine on your body when you go out for attending the garden parties or the cocktail nights. Take a note of the key points that are below:
  • Cute dresses for women are always a click away that will amp up your upper part of the body. By wearing a frock hugging you till the waist precisely will draw everyone’s eye from your heavy this to your perfect shoulders. Nevertheless, you can team the outfit with a pair of earrings to enhance the beauty of your face. The use of belts is an intelligent choice when it comes to pear shaped bodies as they ceate an illusion of curves.
  • Hey! Remember the times of A-line designer dresses which was picked from the stores by everyone. The same era is back when it comes to styling your hips. Dark coloured bottoms will never bring the eye of people on your heavier proportions. In fact, slide into your favourite A-line dress to stun your boyfriend at a backyard barbecue.
  • Highlight your upper body with a nude HD make-up or a ruffled shirt that will fetch the attention of somebody in a strategic manner. Also, an off shoulder dress of knee length will bring you in the limelight without bringing your heavy hips into people’s notice.

  • Flattering your beloved even when you have the sexiest figure among all, will make him feel lucky. Hourglass body shape defines the curves effortlessly with a proportionate bust and hip size. It doesn’t really matter now what colour you pick for yourself, since all the hues are made for your personality. However, there are several dresses for women which will make them stand out in the crowd as the hourglass fifure is considered to be the best when it comes to women fashion.
  • Curves are never meant to be hidden and you, the favourite creature of God shall adopt aesthetic designer dresses which adds a vintage feel to your outlook.
  • Necklines are women’s first preference when it comes to V-neck dresses, boat neck tops, tight fitted breasted uppers. Wearing them automatically galvanises your persona of vogue. Add a twist in the outlook by sliding into high heels or pumps.
  • There are plenty of options dressing for a hourglass body shape. Well known for being an ideal balanced figure that most women desire to have, the main style aims is to emphasize your curves without adding bulk. you can handpick the fitted blazers and fashion dresses from the wide collection of woman fashion sites online.


  • A gorgeous lady, having a RECTANGULAR body shape looks outstanding in the crowd when she dresses to accentuate her long legs and short torso. Her shoulders, waist and hip line all are of equal size, but a striking quality is, that she’s on the slimmer side. Choosing tops that emphasize your shoulders and that flow through the waist will help you look your best. If you’re with the same body type, feel proud of yourself and opt cute dresses for women available online to compliment your inherent genes.
  • Darling! This summer season will rock your world as you are going to nail every event and stylish occasions by wearing the big floral patterns down the waist. The daring, bold and courageous girl inside you can rule the outer world, with her confidence when she walks on the red carpet.
  • Just because you are endowed with a slim figure which every man wishes to look at, you must know the significance of wearing a good lingerie set. While attending a poolside party with your companions your body figure needs to be dressed in clothes that accentuate your bust,hips and midriff perfectly.
  • Although, variety of designer dresses are to be added in your closet, yet a clear picture of how you can look better in them, according to your body shape needs to be identified. Long jackets and coats will draw many eyes towards you at weekend cocktails. So, this is your time now to look powerful by wearing the best fashion dresses.

  • An uber chic look for a young lady with APPLE body shape is not that easy, but overcoming the flaws and concealing the heavier parts, is what style teaches us. This body figured woman has a wider upper and narrow thighs and can wear striking colours to hide their flaws and flaunt the rest.
  • A monochromatic outlook is the one that will add a playful energy to your character. Apart from looking impressive, this colour code will highlight your waist, making people forget what you don’t have perfectly in shape. Co-ords, the dresses for women will magnify your style quotient with a tinge of sensuality.
  • Skirts are too much in trend now, so be the show stopper for one and all, awaring people that cute dresses for women also come for Apple body shape figures. Achieve the appreciative glances of your family and friends by sliding into a printed skirt which prompts others to observe your seductive legs instead of the heavier midsection.


  • WEDGE body shape is attained by Asian women the most. When your shoulders, arms, breasts go a little heavier and bigger than your waist and hip-line, it becomes a must to know which attire will suit your body type the best.
  • Cute dresses for women holds a big variety for attention seeking ladies who never leave their charm behind. In fact, they come forward with wide-leg pants to flaunt utmost vogue at a party or an event.
  • Yeah! You have a slim waist with a flat stomach so, slide into high waisted skirts or bottoms of light hues to stun others. No matter from where you grab such designer dresses, this will reveal your real personality with a strong feminism.
  • Now, when you have to conceal your busty figure, then try and ignore the off-shoulder fashion dresses that urges everyone around to straight away look at your upper body rather complimenting you for your narrowed waist.

The basic idea here is to make the best of whatever shape you are.So, re-assess your body shape and choose wisely through the various online fashion sites like Stalkbuylove to ensure your clothing choices still flatter your current shape.Remember that, Women fashion should be about being comfortable in your own skin and not with what they wear.
You can to be the star of any party by bringing the designer dresses home from the large collection of woman fashion available online. The sharp tailoring of uppers and bottoms immensely highlight your curves and even hides what is not meant to reveal.
So, try every dress and feel free in uniting printed floral bottoms with plain uppers and vice-versa. Chasing vogue with some knowledge about your figure and its proportions will add versatility in your overall personality.


Swati R

High on Fashion: Distressed Denim


Heyo everyone,
Hope you guys are at your best.. celebrating the weekend.

I got my hands on this amazing piece of denim in distress.. For so long I have been wanting one in my closet. I was desperately waiting for friday to wear it and for creating a street chic cool look. white is not my color.. I often end up dropping something on it. Still I couldnt stop myself from buying it. It looks soo clean and calming.

I teamed it up with a white top which is screaming its name itself *Wink! Wink!* half job done. Always remember to wear only one thing in your look which screams the brand name. Else, you will end up like an advertising board and the bad part is we are paying so much to advertise their name. Hihi!

Why brown sandals??

Black naahh! We always wear black when we don’t know what to wear.

Red.. Ohh too bright just killing the white calming effect of the look.

Yellow.. Rolling my eyes ten times!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Brown because they are smooth and complementing the outfit. They are strapy and enhancing the chic look here.

And a white bag.. To complete the look!

And the lipcolor.. Ahaaa my favourite part.. It’s a red shade by Moodmatcher. Reviews coming up soon.. I am soo drooling over these. Can’t wait to try more shades.


Thanks Zara for the distressed jeans, Superdry for top, Puma for making this Ferrari edition bag, Mochi for the lovely heels 😉

For more and recent updates follow me on Instagram: Swatiras  *will love to see you there*

Thanks Neha Suyal again for all the pictures. 


Swati R

#Formal #Day #OOTD


Heyo everyone,

Isn’t a Wednesday one of the best days of the week?

I find it a little comforting.. two days more and we hit the weekend. Since today’s Wednesday I thought of wearing something formal… but not the usual pants but a skirt with white shirt. It not only makes you look confident and stylish but gives a fresh look.


The skirt here I have is stretchable, that makes your figure even more flattering while clinging to your body. And the best part is the sides of this skirt which breaks the boring formal color *as I call it* and made it easy for me to choose the color of the footwear. 😉


I love to keep the accessories to bare minimum. They take all the attention from the outfit. I would love to wear something over a boring top to jazz it up. This look has to be simple yet sophisticated!


I hope you guys are not rolling your eyes on seeing ‘The Yellow Handbag’.. haha! Yellow to add color to the outfit. 🙂


My love… My heels!!! 😀  And the next best thing.., this lippiieee, it amazed me with the color and staying power it has got! I never valued it and thought this was a perfect wastage of Rs. 800.




I hope I did justice with this skirt. What do you think? 😉

And thanks a lot to the lovely photographer and my lovely friend NEHA for clicking these :D.


Swati R

PS: Please ignore my pink nails!

To fit in Skinny Jeans– food for weight *LOSS*


Still fretting about loosing those last two kilos or the journey has just began towards a healthy and fit lifestyle!! Here are some of the snacks you shouldn’t miss!!!

As they say dieting never helps! It can only help in making you more lazy and keeping you away from your desired goal. Here’s some simple snacks which can make you feel full with lesser calories.

  1. Peanut Butter

DON’T buy it from the market. In few easy steps you can make this yummy butter full of protein at home!

Take some roasted peanuts (if you cannot find roasted ones, just heat the peanuts in microwave for around 5 minutes). Put them in a blender along with two tablespoons of honey, three pinches of salt, one tablespoon Coconut oil. That’s it! Now blend till you get a paste like consistency. Ta Da! You have your homemade peanut butter ready in 5 minutes.


2. Hummus

Soaked chickpeas when blended with some garlic, salt, a spoonful of curd become Hummus! You can keep this for almost a week in the refrigerator! And just a tea cup of chickpeas are enough to make good quantity for a week!

I just pop a slice of multi grain bread in the toaster and enjoy it with Hummus. Who said it can only be eaten with pita bread. 🙂


3. Flax seeds

Available at all stores which sell namkeen. These seeds are full of fiber… fiber makes you feel full. Toss them over your veggies/fruits/sprouts or just chew a spoonful.


4. Coconut oil

We all know such a wonderful tummy friendly oil this is! And we avoid it.. awwww!

This oil actually helps in fat burning so unlike the other oils. It boosts our metabolism, so the fat doesn’t stay around our belly. Simply add it to your sprouts/veggies or drink some directly. Coconut oil is the world’s most weight loss friendly fat.

coconut oil

5. Bananas

Don’t ignore us please….

They are not making you fat.. they are just helping you to feel full… just to give us required energy for a perfect workout! They clean your stomach. And if eaten with peanut butter.. they are energy boosters!


6. Cinnamon Powder

I generally mix it with my green tea or honey/lemon water. It increases the blood circulation. It helps in avoiding hunger pangs and prevents the accumulation of fatty cells in the body. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level.


7. Honey

Replace your Sugar box with honey. It helps in boosting up the metabolism. And can cure your sugar cravings with lesser calories. But buying is a task in itself, the companies selling honey thinks they can fool around with people’s health easily. This is proven by research that the honey available in the market isn’t pure and healthy. After much research, I found and rely on only two brand – Hitkari and Patanjali.


These 7 little wonders once added to your daily foods, can make your weighing scale feel light!

How can I be so sure??? They are a part of my diet. Others see the difference and I feel it.. I love my weighing scale :*


Swati R

Casual Friday’s OOTD


Wake up in the morning
Lookin’ a little rough
Today I don’t know who I am
Today that’s not enough

So I go up to the mirror
Strike another pose
Happy, sad, good, bad
With every change of clothes

But everything I see is me, yeah, me

yeaaa me… yea I woke up in a similar manner on the friday morning… major reason I didn’t know what to wear… Major reason number 2– when you know you can’t iron your clothes because you forgot to get that wire fixed.. your mind feels perplexed!

Aah.. that thought and a crazy look in the closet to search for something which can do without ironing and that friday mood made me meet this lovely green top. I bought it almost two months ago and forgot about it  was waiting for the right day to wear it (don’t know which day though :D).

Here’s the don’t iron me I will still look good on you top….


Okay.. my second concern was what to wear inside this as

a. I was going for work.

b. I don’t live in Goa and work near a beach.

So, I chose the safest thing black… when in doubt wear black 😉


Summer ready… ditch the jeans and wear leggings. I am sure every girl must be having at least one pair of black leggings in their collection. They are super comfortable, we can simply wear them for whole day… so unlike the skinny jeans. Once you reach home you want to get rid of the skinny jeans asap.

IMG_6761IMG_6766Look at my black slippers.. aren’t they cute. 🙂 With a Rose and shiny stones and they are complimenting my top’s design.


I am one of those lazy girls who think that a watch be a lovely accessory (In reality too lazy to search for the perfect accessories at 6 in the morning). IMG_6765IMG_6767 (1)

This simple yet classy look was created because of time crunch and I would really go out for an evening with friends wearing the same outfit. The slippers that I wore belong to my mommy and this was the first time I tried to slip my legs in it. Lesson learnt: I need to dig in mommy’s wardrobe often. 😉 will tell you more in the next post because I really mean what I said.


Swati R