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Fly with your Dreams… Fly High!!!


Careers, choices… after school, after college… all we are concerned about is What, Where and HoW??? So I thought of introducing you to different fields.. with people who have been there and done that!! Moreover its good to know what exactly happens when you are in that particular job.

We are all fascinated by the girls at the airport in dresses many of us want to be seen in.. and those dresses are called uniforms there. 🙂  Yes you guessed it right I am talking about THE AIR HOSTESSES!

So while chit chatting with one of  my friends (she is actually an air hostess) I came up with the idea of knowing more about her life as a cabin crew and letting others know to clear the air about it!!

Well for starters… let me introduce you to my friend Soubhagyah(Subi) who is currently working as a cabin crew in one of the leading airlines. And I could feel the smile on her face when she told me that ‘being a cabin crew is like you are living a dream, you get to visit new places, everyday you meet new people.. it never gets boring even the crew is new most of the time when you are flying Read the rest of this entry