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To fit in Skinny Jeans– food for weight *LOSS*


Still fretting about loosing those last two kilos or the journey has just began towards a healthy and fit lifestyle!! Here are some of the snacks you shouldn’t miss!!!

As they say dieting never helps! It can only help in making you more lazy and keeping you away from your desired goal. Here’s some simple snacks which can make you feel full with lesser calories.

  1. Peanut Butter

DON’T buy it from the market. In few easy steps you can make this yummy butter full of protein at home!

Take some roasted peanuts (if you cannot find roasted ones, just heat the peanuts in microwave for around 5 minutes). Put them in a blender along with two tablespoons of honey, three pinches of salt, one tablespoon Coconut oil. That’s it! Now blend till you get a paste like consistency. Ta Da! You have your homemade peanut butter ready in 5 minutes.


2. Hummus

Soaked chickpeas when blended with some garlic, salt, a spoonful of curd become Hummus! You can keep this for almost a week in the refrigerator! And just a tea cup of chickpeas are enough to make good quantity for a week!

I just pop a slice of multi grain bread in the toaster and enjoy it with Hummus. Who said it can only be eaten with pita bread. 🙂


3. Flax seeds

Available at all stores which sell namkeen. These seeds are full of fiber… fiber makes you feel full. Toss them over your veggies/fruits/sprouts or just chew a spoonful.


4. Coconut oil

We all know such a wonderful tummy friendly oil this is! And we avoid it.. awwww!

This oil actually helps in fat burning so unlike the other oils. It boosts our metabolism, so the fat doesn’t stay around our belly. Simply add it to your sprouts/veggies or drink some directly. Coconut oil is the world’s most weight loss friendly fat.

coconut oil

5. Bananas

Don’t ignore us please….

They are not making you fat.. they are just helping you to feel full… just to give us required energy for a perfect workout! They clean your stomach. And if eaten with peanut butter.. they are energy boosters!


6. Cinnamon Powder

I generally mix it with my green tea or honey/lemon water. It increases the blood circulation. It helps in avoiding hunger pangs and prevents the accumulation of fatty cells in the body. It also stabilizes the blood sugar level.


7. Honey

Replace your Sugar box with honey. It helps in boosting up the metabolism. And can cure your sugar cravings with lesser calories. But buying is a task in itself, the companies selling honey thinks they can fool around with people’s health easily. This is proven by research that the honey available in the market isn’t pure and healthy. After much research, I found and rely on only two brand – Hitkari and Patanjali.


These 7 little wonders once added to your daily foods, can make your weighing scale feel light!

How can I be so sure??? They are a part of my diet. Others see the difference and I feel it.. I love my weighing scale :*


Swati R

Healthy Bites!


Today’s post inspiration came from a place where all I could hear was Healthcare.. Healthcaaaare and Healthcaaarrrreee!

But what to do when you are stuck in a place full of unhealthy food??
No, I am not talking about the mall but the office cafeteria! 😦 Seriously I sometimes wish to give these vendors some training on healthy food items available in the market. All I could stuff myself with was Hide and Seek kutkutts (biscuit) 🙂

So I thought of listing down few things I love to buy carry with me in the opich for a healthy diet.

1) Cup full of Corns:

Boil some corns and add lemon juice, salt and pepper to it. I love to have these whenever I go out and trying these at home was no big deal. They are actually fast to cook and good to eat whenever you want  to have a nice salty snack.

2)  Multi Grain Bread Sandwich: Read the rest of this entry


This may sound familiar to those who knew me in the Opich and at home too! And to those who still believe that I drink it only to loose weight (If this were the case I would have given Bipasha a big competition…lols :p )

Well I chose you my dear Green Tea as the second post because I want to make everyone realize why you are so important for me 🙂

Why and how it originated is a thing of History and I know many of us are not interested in that. 😉

But what it does for our over all health & beauty is what I am more interested in talking about.

These pretty little leaves can prove to be a blessing in disguise… every sip counts lols… yes!!! every sip of this lovely green water ensures that you are gaining good health. Hmm I am just trying to sum them up here: Read the rest of this entry

Green Tea at my Desk 😉