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High on Fashion: Distressed Denim


Heyo everyone,
Hope you guys are at your best.. celebrating the weekend.

I got my hands on this amazing piece of denim in distress.. For so long I have been wanting one in my closet. I was desperately waiting for friday to wear it and for creating a street chic cool look. white is not my color.. I often end up dropping something on it. Still I couldnt stop myself from buying it. It looks soo clean and calming.

I teamed it up with a white top which is screaming its name itself *Wink! Wink!* half job done. Always remember to wear only one thing in your look which screams the brand name. Else, you will end up like an advertising board and the bad part is we are paying so much to advertise their name. Hihi!

Why brown sandals??

Black naahh! We always wear black when we don’t know what to wear.

Red.. Ohh too bright just killing the white calming effect of the look.

Yellow.. Rolling my eyes ten times!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

Brown because they are smooth and complementing the outfit. They are strapy and enhancing the chic look here.

And a white bag.. To complete the look!

And the lipcolor.. Ahaaa my favourite part.. It’s a red shade by Moodmatcher. Reviews coming up soon.. I am soo drooling over these. Can’t wait to try more shades.


Thanks Zara for the distressed jeans, Superdry for top, Puma for making this Ferrari edition bag, Mochi for the lovely heels 😉

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Thanks Neha Suyal again for all the pictures. 


Swati R

#Formal #Day #OOTD


Heyo everyone,

Isn’t a Wednesday one of the best days of the week?

I find it a little comforting.. two days more and we hit the weekend. Since today’s Wednesday I thought of wearing something formal… but not the usual pants but a skirt with white shirt. It not only makes you look confident and stylish but gives a fresh look.


The skirt here I have is stretchable, that makes your figure even more flattering while clinging to your body. And the best part is the sides of this skirt which breaks the boring formal color *as I call it* and made it easy for me to choose the color of the footwear. 😉


I love to keep the accessories to bare minimum. They take all the attention from the outfit. I would love to wear something over a boring top to jazz it up. This look has to be simple yet sophisticated!


I hope you guys are not rolling your eyes on seeing ‘The Yellow Handbag’.. haha! Yellow to add color to the outfit. 🙂


My love… My heels!!! 😀  And the next best thing.., this lippiieee, it amazed me with the color and staying power it has got! I never valued it and thought this was a perfect wastage of Rs. 800.




I hope I did justice with this skirt. What do you think? 😉

And thanks a lot to the lovely photographer and my lovely friend NEHA for clicking these :D.


Swati R

PS: Please ignore my pink nails!

Casual Friday’s OOTD


Wake up in the morning
Lookin’ a little rough
Today I don’t know who I am
Today that’s not enough

So I go up to the mirror
Strike another pose
Happy, sad, good, bad
With every change of clothes

But everything I see is me, yeah, me

yeaaa me… yea I woke up in a similar manner on the friday morning… major reason I didn’t know what to wear… Major reason number 2– when you know you can’t iron your clothes because you forgot to get that wire fixed.. your mind feels perplexed!

Aah.. that thought and a crazy look in the closet to search for something which can do without ironing and that friday mood made me meet this lovely green top. I bought it almost two months ago and forgot about it  was waiting for the right day to wear it (don’t know which day though :D).

Here’s the don’t iron me I will still look good on you top….


Okay.. my second concern was what to wear inside this as

a. I was going for work.

b. I don’t live in Goa and work near a beach.

So, I chose the safest thing black… when in doubt wear black 😉


Summer ready… ditch the jeans and wear leggings. I am sure every girl must be having at least one pair of black leggings in their collection. They are super comfortable, we can simply wear them for whole day… so unlike the skinny jeans. Once you reach home you want to get rid of the skinny jeans asap.

IMG_6761IMG_6766Look at my black slippers.. aren’t they cute. 🙂 With a Rose and shiny stones and they are complimenting my top’s design.


I am one of those lazy girls who think that a watch be a lovely accessory (In reality too lazy to search for the perfect accessories at 6 in the morning). IMG_6765IMG_6767 (1)

This simple yet classy look was created because of time crunch and I would really go out for an evening with friends wearing the same outfit. The slippers that I wore belong to my mommy and this was the first time I tried to slip my legs in it. Lesson learnt: I need to dig in mommy’s wardrobe often. 😉 will tell you more in the next post because I really mean what I said.


Swati R

Whats In!!


Fashion tips from a friend who is a Dubai based Fashion consultant for you all:

No Blah Blah in this from my mind… just her words and some pics 🙂 (Why am I hearing sighs of relief 😦 )

  • Nude shades are Hawwtt and are IN…
  • Browns and Greens with Blues all earthy shades are talking tonns.
  • Flatter bum tops with sleek chicken work or embroidered pants are sultry elements in Dubai recently – all thanks to Zara boutiques who got in the trend back wid awesomist colour pallets…
  • Sun kissed is the new mantra when it comes to make up.
  • Water based eye stuff all NO NO, gel is all in..
  • Golden and silver with shimmers speaks the power and free style fashion teamed with silk or lacy loose pants.
  • Shoes and hand bags have to be rich and contrast.
  • Nail art is IN IN IN, go for it, grab a kit.
  • Hair braided is cool and a fashion statement too.
  • Soft buns or pop up pony tails with a lock left free to slide through your face are super chick and sexy.
  • Only 2 at a time  is the rule for accessories – Ear loops, necklace, hand bands or bangles or a nice big ring. Combination fingers or hand with ears. Or neck wid ears. It gives a chick look.
  • Ethnic prints are IN!


♥Swati R♥

PS: Thanks Nivedita 🙂

Jutti (pronounced ‘jeut-tii’)


Before I start my usual talk I think I should share the Wikipedia’s gyaan for those who are not familiar with these cute footwear.

The jutti or Punjabi Jutti is a type of footwear of Punjabi origin that is common in North India and Pakistan. They are traditionally made up of leather and with extensive embroidery, in real gold and silver thread in olden days, though now with changing times different juti with rubber soles are made available. Besides Punjabi jutti, there are various local styles as well, like Lahori, Peshawari, and Kasoori juttis.

So now I can start my usual Blah Blah!!! hhehehe 🙂

Hmmmm footwear could be in many style but if you haven’t tried these, you are surely missing something really exclusive!

I love high heels stilettos a lot.. but that doesn’t mean I don’t like other footwear. 🙂 Especially, the ones which can actually make your feet stand apart look cute/lovely/’oh so appealing’ ;). I am on a constant hunt for these and once you step into these beauties you would get addicted to them. On a recent trip to Amritsar (that’s where the Golden Temple is!) I couldn’t help splurging on them. They not only make jutti(s) in Amritsar but import them from Pakistan (that’s what the shopkeeper told me!)

This is going to be another picture dedicated post as I have so many designs to show 😉

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